• Automation is a dream as old as mankind...
  • ...that made us dare impossible things...
  • ...and impoved our lives
  • What will our next challenge be?


My research ranges from nonlinear robust control theory to optimal control theory, differential game theory, and aerial robotics. Special emphasis is put on multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS), which provide unique testbeds to my group's theoretical results because of their limited computational capabilities, their nonlinear nature, and the numerous failures that can affect these devices. I find these challenging topics extremely fascinating as they lay at the intersection between dynamics and mathematics, and have proven to meaningfully contribute to the progress of our society.

F-16 Simulation

It is my privilege to work as an assistant professor at the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering of The University of Oklahoma, where I found a vibrant environment to successfully conduct my studies and energetic students, with whom I enjoy collaborating.

In this website, you can find more about my research, my students, and my teaching phylosophy. Feel free to contact me, should you need further information or wish to give me your constructive feedback.

Research is about pursuing objectives that lay at the boundary between childish imagination and hope for a better future. Strenuous daily commitment and love for knowledge are essential to achieve these greater goals. I strive to bear these ideals in my mind when I work on my research.

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." --- Socrates.
I design my classes to nourish the curiosity of my students, promote the dialogue with them, challenge their understanding of the class material, and solidify their knowledge.