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  • A. L'Afflitto and D. K. Walters
  • Robust Adaptive Controls for Shipboard Landing of Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,

    June 2019 -- May 2021

    Funding agency: ONR. Cumulative: $401,484; Personal share: $221,016

  • A. L'Afflitto
  • Exceptional Achievement in Research Award,

    July 2018

    Funding agency: The University of Oklahoma. Cumulative: $2,500

  • A. L'Afflitto
  • DARPA-RA-17-01-YFA-FP-090, TA24 - A bio-inspired approach to fly undetected in cluttered environments,

    July 2018 -- June 2021

    Funding agency: DARPA Young Faculty Award. Cumulative: $498,513

  • A. L'Afflitto
  • T3C1S4C -- UAS Control System -- Robotics CTA 2017-18 Biennial Program Plan,

    May 2018 -- December 2020

    Funding agency: ARL through Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance. Cumulative: $185,343

  • A. L'Afflitto and Z. Siddique
  • Collaborative Research: Unmanned Aerial Systems and Specialized Workforce Development to Support Oklahoman Agriculture and Industry,

    July 2017 -- July 2020

    Funding agency: NSF ATE Program. Cumulative: $408,804; Personal share: $224,842

  • A. L'Afflitto
  • Summer Research Experience: Programming UAS for Improved Weather Forecasts,

    May -- August 2017

    Funding Agency: NSF Oklahoma EPSCoR. Cumulative: $5,000

  • S. Koch, P. Chilson, E. Rasmussen, R. Huck, A. L'Afflitto, and J. Salazar-Cerreno
  • Three-Dimensional Profiling of the Severe-Weather Environment, April 2016 -- August 2018

    Funding agency: NOAA. Cumulative: $117,980; Personal share: $41,797 + fringe


  • IET Control Theory and Applications - 2015 - Recognized by Professor J. Lam as top 5% most active and outstanding reviewer out of over 1000
  • AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Graduate Student Award - 2015 - Waived for having gained Ph.D. degree
  • Maria Rea D'Onofrio Fellowship - Fall 2011 - Spring 2015
  • Wolfe International Fellowship - Summer 2012
  • Pratt Fellowship - January 2009

Work experience

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Mathematician, July - August, 2013

Analysis of the instabilities of electron beams and design of optimal state-feedback control laws that guarantee minimization of the beam emittance and convergence of the beams to an assigned manifold.

German Aerospace Agency (DLR), Systems and operations engineer, January, 2009 - May, 2008

Payload and operations coordinator of EXPOSE-E, a payload installed in February 2008 outside the European module Columbus of the ISS. This payload was aimed at studying of the effects of solar radiations on biological samples. Main tasks concerned defining procedures for utilizing EXPOSE-E, supporting the payload utilization in orbit, coordinating the real-time science objectives of the payload facility, issuing commands to the payload, and coordinating the work of the product developer, the primary investigators, and the other USOCs involved.

Italian Space Agency (ASI), Systems engineer, January - June, 2006

I contributed to the design in phase 0 of a satellite for Earth observation according to the concurrent design methodology and selected its most adequate orbit. This satellite was designed to fly in formation with a spacecraft of the Argentinian Space Agency (CONAE) to acquire interferometric images using an L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). I also contributed to design the structure of the database supporting the concurrent engineering facility at ASI.

Co.Ro.S.T.A. (Consortium of Research of Advanced Remote Sensing Systems) - Alenia Spazio, Systems engineer, January - July, 2004

My tasks concerned the design of a vision system (stereo cameras and laser scanner) for a satellite of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), which is aimed at autonomous robotic on orbit rendezvous, docking, and servicing. The main contractor for this project was ALENIA Spazio.