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Selected Research Topics

The main results achieved by my collaborators and me have been summarized in the achival journal and conference papers listed here and are briefly summarized below.
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Ongoing Projects

Robust Data-Driven Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems

In this research, we create and implement robust data-driven control mechanisms for autonomous control of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, or more commonly "drones"). Our controllers also assist human operators both to navigate in cluttered and poorly modeled environments and to prevent dangerous maneuvers.

Collaborators: Army Research Lab

Unmanned Aerial Systems and Improved Weather Services

In this research, we design autopilots for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) aimed at collecting data for improved weather forecasts. Moreover, we combine an indirect adaptive control law and an unscented Kalman filter to estimate the wind velocity from the effort needed to hover the aerial platform in a given position.

Sponsor: NOAA

Multi-Rotor UAS Design and Control

Nonlinear robust control techniques for unmanned multi-rotor aircraft are designed, tested, and implemented on a CAD-based virtual-reality simulator, a hardware-in-the-loop simulator, and actual flights. Students from multiple departments at OU are involved.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Output-Feedback Sliding Mode Control with Constraints on the State Space

Accounting for recent results in the theory of time-varying finite-time stable dynamical systems, in this research we design sliding mode controls that account for the system's constraints. Moreover, we design aobust nonlinear observers, which guarantee exponential convergence of the observer's state to the plant state.

Past Projects

Differential Games of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

In this research, we study two-player differential games whose end-of-game condition is the closed-loop asymptotic, partial-state, or finite-time stability of the closed-loop system in spite of the evader's input. Connections to robust nonlinear control are explored.

Optimal Control for Finite-Time Stabilization

In many cases of practical interest, it is desireable to obtain finite-time stability of a nonlinear system, that is, to converge to a Lyapunov stable equilibrium point in finite time. In this research, we develop a unified framework to address the problem of optimal nonlinear feedback control for finite-time stabilization. YouTube video.

Optimal Semistabilization of Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

In this research, we derive state-feedback control laws that minimize a performance measure in integral form and guarantee semistability of the closed-loop system. YouTube Videos: Video 1 and Video 2.